what is a PPT Licence?

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Answered: Dui question abot getting my licence back

I had typo for answer. I meant fines have been paid concerning previous DUIs. Everything (Fines, Drug/alcohol courses, etc) from all DUI convictions have been satisfied.....

Answered: Pei driving licence


Answered: Uk licence

Go to this web site for details.

Answered: Can you get a drivers licence and passport combination

No, they are totally seperate documents that are used for different things and issued by different offices.
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Can i drive in America with an Irish driving licence? Or do i need an

I believe you need an international driving license.

Can I currently obtain an enhanced drivers licence ...

The only states that currently offer an enhanced drivers license (EDL) are: Michigan New York Washington Vermont States considering implementing an EDL include: Arizona Idaho Maine Minnesota New Hampshire New Mexico North Dakota Texas

Can I get my New Brunswick Drivers Licence with out paying my over due

I would imagine not. You need to take care of your tickets before you try applying for any sort of federal license... you don't want anyone to start giving you a hard time.

Getting new NC licence

Within 30 days