what is a poodles habitat and adaptations?

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Answered: Pregnant toy poodle

Yes, that's normal. Swollen vulva is one of the signs of pregnancy in dogs. =)

Answered: Adapters

What is an hdmi

Answered: Toy poodle at full growth

Most toy poodles are done growing in height by 6 months. They may fill out a bit after that though.

Answered: Are poodles easy to train? I would love to have one that I can do

all pets are easy to train. pets are only as smart as their owner. Poodles, like all dogs, have their own personalities and want to kiss up to the PACK LEADER... so they are all excellent followers if properly taught... L. O. V. E... teach with love and you won't fail your dog. PS: we are ...

Answered: My 4.5 month old standard poodle had his first ...

Try this method: Carry your dog several metres out into knee or waist-deep water. Place one hand under your dog’s belly and hold the rear end up by gently holding her tail so that she is level in the water. Face toward your helper on the shore and immerse the dog’s torso in the water. You’ll notice ...

Answered: Intelligence vs. adaptive behavior

" intellectual disability " What else would you measure this with????
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European Phone adaptation to UK

I have seen adaptors available which can be purchased from Maplin electronics or Pink Connect .

What does a toy poodle look like with its tail not docked

Check out the link below for a picture. http://www.partipoodleworld.com/ColorsandTrimsToyParti.htm

Poodle breeders Italy

Try poodlecity.com - a site of Italian breeders of all sorts of poodles.


"Mouthing" in a puppy is a common occurance. It's how they learn to play, what is acceptable or not, etc. When puppies are very young and still with their mother, the mother teaches them via bite, growl, or holding them down, when it is not ok. Teach your puppy that it is never ok to put teeth on ...