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Answered: What is the purpose of a docket hearing

This web site (and all the others I checked) only have the following:

Answered: What does CSAEVNT mean in a court Docket Report

It could be an abbreviation of some kind. CSA Event? Child Support Arrangement? If you can't get an answer from the Court, then depending on the kind of case it is, why not call an attorney who specializes in that kind of law? If you find one who advertises free consultations over the phone, you ...

Answered: Court docket meanings

I think it is a list or register of events of court.

Answered: Look up public dockets

That'a a tough one. Does she want to look up some type of docket? Go to the closest courthouse with your desire and someone will be able to figure out what you are trying to say, and will send you in the right direction
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What is docket calling in a county court mean in ...

I went onto a law website and it said something completely different from the answer i received here. thank you anyway.. cruzinsusan

Please give me an example of a divorce case on docket in court

You are asking a vague question. The reason being that it would be helpful to know why you need an example. You can go to most county web sites and look under the civil or family section and pull up a case by name. You will get the history of the case such as when it was filed and what court dates ...

What does my docket number mean

The docket number of your case is what identifies your matter in the legal system. If you cannot remember the number, I'd suggest calling the courthouse and getting the information.

Dauphin county court dockets How can I view dauphin county public

try this address -, it's a search engine for public records such as the one you are looking for. They have access to thousands of databases across the U.S. and Canada. And it's free!