what is a petite juror?

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Answered: What happens if you ignore a Juror Qualification Questionnaire?qt=q

Maybe something bad. Tell them that you hate all ethnicities other than your own. Tell them that you believe everything that you hear on TV. Tell them that you believe in the death penalty for any offense. Tell them that if the defendant is in the courtroom, that he is certainly guilty. Tell them ...

Answered: Los Angeles County Petition Form that needs signatures.

Your best move would be to consult an attorney specializing in the area of law that pertains to your petition. Your attorney can tell you about existing law, other measures along that line that failed, earlier petitions that failed to get the required number of signatures to bring your measure ...

Answered: Where can i find a good range of petite fashion?

If you find on the internet you will find several sites about fashion and lifestyle. Just find some of them that may give the information you are looking for.

Answered: I got three traffic tickets in the past three years, how do I file a

You are the great person to get the 3 traffic ticket...!:)

Answered: On a petition for divorce. It reads

It means exactly what it says. prior to the parties signing that agreement with that wording the parties have divided the items personal or ANY assets and have made this a permanent decision. Selling property would be best left until the final decree and you are divorced. The judge always has the ...
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How do I add my name to an e-mail petition and then forward it?

You may be able to just copy it by right clicking on the original email,then click copy(if you just need to copy a couple lines) or select all(if copying whole page)then,when you go to compose a new email to send out, on your keyboard,hit Ctrl+v to paste the old email onto new one. then if you need ...

How much does an assistant director get paid La Petite academy

I was paid 13.80 an hour as an Assistant Director when I left the company a few years ago.

So did I read into the word "Petite". Beverly is 4'11" and I am 5'6"

VP, when it comes to clothing I consider you an expert but not an authority. I have just consulted with Ms. Gary, who is the ultimate authority, and she assures me that petite means 5'3" and shorter with sizes ranging from 0 to 14. This was a revelation to me because I always considered my HS ...

So did I read into the word "Petite". KEEP IN MIND Beverly is 4'11" and

You asked if you read into the word "petite". In order for us to answer we must know two things. We must know the definition of the word "petite" and we must know how you took it. So far you have not told us how you interpreted it, except that we know that you get offended at everything. You told ...