what is a person being observed called?

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Answered: What is a bag abon a person was called a bagabond

I think you mean vagabond. A vagabond is a wanderer; other words for it would be tramp or hobo.

Answered: Please suggest any bank in Dubai for Call Deposit account and its

When it comes to Dubai, Emirates NBD is the best option, especially if you’re looking to open a Call Deposit account. The bank offers several features with the account which is available in many currencies, doesn’t need a cheque book or ATM card, and comes with no fixed tenor along with attractive ...

Answered: Stompeezstz. I keep getting phone calls from this ...

I believe that the Anonymouse has shed some light on this. Wikipedia has shed some more- Kevin Mark Trudeau (born February 6, 1963) is a controversial American author, radio personality , infomercial host, and salesman who promotes various unsubstantiated health, diet and financial "remedies ...

Answered: Personal injury lawyer

There are lots of lawyers around but it's hard to find one that is really reliable. Here's one I can say I can rely on for my legal supports http://www.floridafederaldefenseattorney.com

Answered: What is it called when a person wants all the attention on herself and

Narcissistic personality disorder. It is also commonly known as Discusting,Annoying,Sickening,Retarded. They should be treated as a plague,Because they can really make you sick....
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