what is a pencil requisition?

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Answered: Lead pencil

Size of the lead or thickness of the lead ? It is best to go to Office Depo, Office Max, or any store with the word OFFICE. The can and should be able to help you if you bring the pencil with you. I was at the Dollor General and saw a pack of 10 lead refills for $1.00.

Answered: Pencil

Wikipedia has a good article on the pencil , including its history . The article indicates that an Italian couple, Simonio and Lyndiana Bernacotti, may have created the first blueprint for a pencil.

Answered: I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

Michael was my brother. He passed away over ten years ago. Please contact me at da_smaug@yahoo.com

Answered: I have a pencil drawing done by michael groner. Not sure who he is. The

Chances are good that it was done by my late brother, Michael. He passed away just over ten years ago in Aurora, Illinois. He was an accomplished artist but also an alcoholic. He did many pieces over a thirty-five year span, including paint, charcoal, ink and pencil. Some of his stuff was most mind ...

Answered: Magazine for colored pencil

Artist Ann Kullberg has a wonderful monthly online magazine called "From My Perspective" (FMP) which is devoted entirely to colored pencil. It includes critiques, tips, techniques, Q & A, artist profiles and more. I've found it to be a tremendous resource for both beginning and established colored ...

Answered: Pencils will travel....

Not really sure what you are asking. Do you want to know how long a pencil will last? That all depends on how heavy a writer or drawer you are. If you use a light stroke and the shading is light the lead will last longer. Using a heaver stroke you will use more lead. If you want to know how far a ...
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Does a No 2 pencil = a HB pencil? Yes. No 2 and HB are both lead hardness grade scale measurements. There’s no standardised definition of No 2 or of HB but they are both the same thing – the ordinary everyday writing grade. Why are wooden pencils called #2 and mechanical pencils are called HB ...

Introduction on pencils

Sounds like one of PA's wife's questions.

Researching a Small Pencil drawing with a, "signature," of an egyptian

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