what is a pc configuration?

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Answered: In this era of the p.c. agenda police, how is it ...

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Answered: How do you sync Iphone to PC in order to store contact info

You may try this phone file transfer, it can help you copy contact info from iPhone to another phone or from iPhone to PC. http://www.reviewstown.com/phone-to-phone-transfer.html

Answered: Bullfrog games for the pc

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Answered: Have you ever beaten up anyone who was a p.c. freak?

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Answered: How do I alphabetize mail saved on my pc

Hi there: Unfortunately, the feature you are requesting is not available.
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How can i use my own default sound from my pc to my AIM

Hi there: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I change the AIM sound settings?

What is Heat Spreader on a pc memory

It is clear that the use of a heat spreader on the module increases overclockability in all cases. So it means it helps to decrease the heat.

Original configuration recovery

Assuming that you bought the computer new, you should have a set of CDs or DVDs with the original software that came pre-installed. If you boot your computer with those, there should be an option to totally erase your hard drive and re-install. If you've lost those, you should be able to get a ...