what is a pauper coffin made of?

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Answered: Buried in a Happy Coffin


Answered: Have there ever been open-coffin funerals with the child smiling in the

Having been a morticians assistant for a while I can tell you that it would be very difficult to make any corpse smile. You would have to stitch several muscles together inside the mouth. And it would look horribly unnatural and probably in rather bad taste. It takes considerable art just to make a ...

Answered: Coffin filters/

Chex, Why don't you buy a permanent filter? It is plastic, with a metal screen on the bottom for the coffee to drip through. You just dump the grounds in the garbage, rinse the filter, and use it over and over again. Then you won't ever have to buy paper filters again. If you are short on money ...

Answered: A friend was laid out in His coffin in the opposite direction where head

It doesn't mean anything. The coffin may have been a left handed coffin. They're not common, but they do exist. There's no right or wrong way to place a body in a coffin. Despite having worked for a time in the business, I don't go to funerals. The reason why is that #1, the person I knew is no ...

Answered: Why is the book honey do list by Peter Pauper ...

There are new books for sale at $161 or so, and used ones at $26 and up. Yes, there is one listed for $500. If you think it will sell, here's your chance to make a profit by buying for $165 (including shipping) and offering it for sale at $330.

Answered: What about urns? That might sound odd, sorry about ...

What were you talking about prior to asking this question? It reads like I came into the middle of the Conversation.Sorry!
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Why wasnt holly water sprinkled on the coffin at the mass?

HOLY WATER is very powerful. It has appointed uses. HOLY WATER is used to bless the existence of the disturbances of this world, and also provide comfort for the troubles that we must face. It is believed that when a person dies, he/she is no longer exposed to any discomfort, but blessed now, by ...

Craig coffin authored confessions of a born again pagan where can i find

I don't know of any particular book the subject. However, there are many born again pagans, a.k.a., Christians, without any firsthand knowledge of Jesus Christ based on his characteristically perpetual self-revelation in his death on the cross. (John 3: 1-15; 8: 1-21; 14: 18-21; 19: 30-37)

How long does it take for a body to decompose in a coffin ?

Some bodies never decompose. Some just mummify. Depends on the set up. If the coffin is a type with an air seal, and the coffin is then placed in a concrete container, it can take 7 to 10 years for all the flesh to decompose.

How to move a body / coffin to a different state

It usually need papers to process for travel permit. Airplane is the most smart ways as either by land or by sea could end up for days...