what is a multiplier and divisor?

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Answered: What does / this smyble mean multiplie or divide

Very well, Mccann, show me the procedure to find the 7th root of 256.

Answered: Polynomials

To factor a polynomial such as x^3-9x^2+11x+21, it is helpful to know that the product of (x-a)(x-b)(x-c) starts out x^3-(a+b+c)x^2 so the sum of the roots is 9, and the last term will be -abc so the product of the roots is -21. Since the factors of 21 are 1,3,7 the combination of -1,3,7 is the one ...

Answered: Is it possible to multiply promises

If you make a promise, keep it. God always has.

Answered: Which is not a divisor if the remainder is 4: 3,5, 6, 8?

The remainder is always less than the divisor, because otherwise you would be able to add 1 to the quotient and subtract the divisor one more time. Is that enough of a clue for you?

Answered: Scientific evidence against evilution is multiplying by the day!

Just to much truth for Truelowan to understand. Repent, and ask God in the name of Jesus to give you understanding.
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