What is a mp3 decoder in a car?

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Answered: Car Audio System Advice?

Your looking for some one that specializes in music systems and they do the cars.. a lot of the friends of mine have it done.

Answered: Will this convert my Ipod files to mp3 to download on to my Kindle?

Yes it can, but the more quality music are from YouTube. Let yourself give any idea how to convert that into MP3 music. I have a tool that converts YouTube songs into MP3. YouTube to MP3 Converter

Answered: Tell me about mp3 players please?

MP3 player is consumer electronic device that has the primary function of storing, organizing and playing audio files. Some DAPs are also referred to as portable media players as they have image-viewing and/or video-playing support.

Answered: Is there a way to play MP3s on a TV?

Since your stereo does not have RCA cable connections, you cannot play MP3s on a TV :(

Answered: Mp3 problems

Yea i got it but i go a different mp3 thx:)

Answered: Bought an mp3 player need to put music on it but dont know how?

You can put your music into windows media player, then plug in your mp3 player to computer and sync it with windows media player, then the music will be transferred to your player. If you don't know how to convert video, I think this step by step direction would help you a lot http://www ...
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I'm not sure an mp3 movie is possible. Usually when video is involved it would be mp4 rather than mp3. If it is an mp4 movie, then yes, all computers should be able to play it. Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes, and Quicktime should all be able to do it.

Which smaller than the other, MP3 or WAV ?

Hmm.. You can't say one is smaller than the other. But since .mp3 files are compressed, i.e some information is removed they will have more slim file sizes. It will depend upon the compression you use. So, we can say an .mp3 file is generally smaller.

My question is about ALO RM to MP3 Converter Will this allow burned DVD's

I am not sure dvd player can work with this, but i think if you have a 4Media DVD Ripper , you can play whatever format on you DVD.