what is a mittimus hearing?

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Answered: Please be advised that the term, “hearing impaired ...

Amen amen i am deaf myself! I do not enjoy this terminology because my being impaired is much different from others. For instance, i can do anything as you do except my hearing. I can read the communication 20 blocks away from my spot, can you? Gotta? --deafacts2414

Answered: My mom didn't want to use a hearing aid, but at ...

Well tell her that if they work get them. I have two that cove my whole ear and they work good. Being vain never helped me hear.

Answered: Can you improve your hearing naturally?

Improve Your Hearing Naturally - Natural Methods To Improve Your

Answered: Hearing device

i'm thinkin' an artificial larynx. LUCK !!!!!!!!!!! ~t

Answered: What do i need to know about hearing loss?

I was suffering from severe gearing loss while suffering from systemic Candida. After clearing the fungal load, my hearing returned to 90% of normal!
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Compensation for work-related hearing loss

It is known to be an industrial deafness claim or deafness claim, it is the company or employers duty to compensate their employees or workers if they had experience an accident or any kind of sickness because of the job they are doing.

New Bluetooth hearing aids..are they any good?

Yes they are but not more than its use.

Is there an instrument on the market to enable a person to hear TV

Yes, there are several products like this. There is the TV Ears product, which I have used myself, it is pretty good. There are similar products by SoundPlus . There is also something that looks like a bluetooth earpiece but it is not specifically for TV use.

Is there anyway that i could get a hearing aid without paying the really

http://www.leightonshearingcare.co.uk/ offer a considered range of hearing aids at very reasonable prices.