What is a Minor In Consumption?

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Answered: Minor's Studio Portraits

Oh, heck!!! Just sue 'em for a couple of million dollars...get in line with the other people wanting a fast buck. Seriously...I would be flattered if a Portrait Studio wanted to share pictures of my child for the purpose of drumming up their business...unless the pictures were nudes. But then ...

Answered: How can i treat minor depression?

I believe all of the previous answers are helpful. The bottom line is to turn your focus from yourself to outside of yourself. It is tough to even want to do this when depression takes over. The "popular" belief is, "depression is anger turned inward." Anything you do to help yourself will involve ...

Answered: Is Homogenized milk needs boiling before consumption

No. Homogenized milk has already been sterilized through pasteurization.

Answered: LED TV Power Consumption

Yes. LED's absorbs a very less power and provide better picture quality than a LCD screen. I always to have a LED screen to save energy and pocket money. Currently I am using Samsung UA75F8000 at my home and happy with its quality and power consumption.

Answered: Travel to USVI With Minor Child

Hi there.Passport requirements changed last year and you and your child both need passports to travel out of the country. Also, to get a passport for a minor child BOTH parents have to appear at the passport office. The GOV website on passports give you all the rules and I would check there for any ...
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What is meant by a minor profit in the bible?

There has been a recent archaeological find in Israel that might be the burial place of the Old Testament prophet Zecharia. See this article for details.

After divorce lets say the minor child gets ...

Situations I'm familar with, the parents of the minor female have to sue the male that fathered the child for support. If he too is a minor then you have to sue his parents. As the female is a minor she cannot sue the male herself but must be represented by her parents as the suing party. The law ...

What's the difference between a major party and a minor party?

A major party is one that elects a substantial number of candidates. In the US, the Republican Party and Democratic Party are major parties. A minor party is one like the Green Party or the American Independent Party, which might get less than 5% of the vote, but might be significant in a close ...

Can a minor file for a protection order in the state of Oregon, for an

call your local aourt house tell them what you need they will tell you who and where to contact