what is a medici cross?

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Answered: Cross country move - how to do it with two cats?

Hithere! I understand this is a major "move." you have to decide what is it that you "must" do. If U have to leave, then you must make choices that you don't like, but will get U were U must be. I have a daughter that has shipped puppies very many times to owners by plane. they are very careful w ...

Answered: Who is the Lady crossing US on horseback

jkgrandma or jada, however, it could be Njoy in disguise.

Answered: Why are crosses burned?

The KKK is without any question the worst gang of atheists in America. Look at the facts. They hate Republicans because Republicans liberated slaves from their deep-south plantations, leftists live on lies and hope to deny human rights to everyone but their power elite, and they are not above ...

Answered: What is mediciation

There seems to be no such word. Do you mean medication or mediation? med·i·ca·tion (noun) 1. A medicine; a medicament. 2. The act or process of treating with medicine. 3. Administration of medicine. me·di·a·tion (noun) 1. The act of mediating; intervention. 2. The state of being mediated. 3 ...

Answered: Mike malouf USMC navy cross

It would help to know Malouf's dates of service, unit, and rank at separation. That will make it much easier to locate all his decorations.
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