what is a lethal dose of methocarbamol?

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Answered: Which is higher dose, .05 mcg or 112 mcg?

112 is always bigger than 0.05 (in fact 1140 times bigger) regardless what the units are (provided both quantities are in the same units). I have the feeling that you ment 0.112 [mcg]. Still 0.112 is bigger than 0.05 (just write them in the same way ans see: 0.050 or 0.112)

Answered: I have had hpv dose this mean that my partner now has to be testd?

Yes he better get tested. HPV can be contagious especially when there is a vaginal or penile wart present.

Answered: What is a lethal dose of hydrocodone?

Ybnvs, you are absulutely right. You hit the nail on the head, as a habitual opiate user myself I have seen the limits and beyond. There is absolutely no way a person could be killed on 40 mgs, outside of ALLERGIC REACTION. Now i will tell you that sometimes on the outer limits of about say 200 mgs ...

Answered: Ambien dose correlations with blood levels.

I am sorry, I cannot answer this question, specifically, but I do know, hallucinations a are possible reaction.

Answered: Lethal foods that humans eat

Fugu (Puffer fish), Sannakji (raw baby octopus), Ackee Fruit, Silver Strip Blaasop
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