what is a lagoon nut?

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Answered: Do you hate Ann Coulter because she's not a harmless nut job?

Ann Coulter is more dangerious to the right then anyone else. She exsposes you all the the hateful idiot you are. The fact that you don't see her for the idiot freak-show that she is, only proves what a sad little loony you are.

Answered: Should truck nuts be banned?

yes i think they shoudl be banned. They somehow cause distraction to drivers and some replicas are not healthy to the minds of the kids. ____ moving truck rental

Answered: Balloon Lagoon by Cranium in Europe

There is a company called sigo pets co.,ltd.there are many toys for dogs and birds,there are dog toys,ferisbe,parrot toys,vinyl and latex pet toys, http://www.sigopets.com

Answered: Preparing Brazil Nuts What is the recommended method for shelling Brazil

To remove Brazil nuts from the shell, bake them at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes or freeze. Crack and shell. JayR

Answered: How to remove a broken wing nut

try using a grinder with a cutting wheel. you could also use a bigger drill bit. cheers, b Increased Endurance http://www.vaam-energy.com/
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