what is a knuckle of ginger?

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Answered: Ginger

Ginger has great benefits for digestion and for cooking. People have been using ginger for centuries for indigestion or any stomach ailments. Ginger essential oil is also used for stomach and cooking.

Answered: Can you freeze ginger

Sure, but fresh ginger is the best.

Answered: What to do with ginger plants

There are tons of great things you can do with ginger for health! Ginger tea is one of my favorite remedies for nausea.

Answered: I need to stop cracking knuckles

the best way to learn to stop doing that is remember as you get older you won't be able to do that cuss they will hurt so bad you won't even want to move them . ARTHURITIS will have set in and you will always be hurting every time you try to do something . Knuckle cracker with real live ...

Answered: Pickled Ginger

That's an easy one:
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