what is a jewish houpa?

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Answered: What is the favorite jewish holiday/?

Pembrokeshire is well known for its National Trail Coast Path, which is over 180 miles of beautiful coastline to enjoy. Van Kampers

Answered: Orthodox jewish students in syracuse

Check with the Hillel Center at Syracuse University. They can probably help you or give you the name of someone who would know the answer. http://www.suhillel.org/

Answered: Is Charlie Rose Jewish?

I don't think so but I'm not 100% sure. Sorry.

Answered: How many Jewish people live in Boston Mass?

Go to this web site for the answer to your question. http://www.cjp.org/page.aspx?ID=102699

Answered: Why dont you include Jewpro.co.uk in the links on this page? It is the

Here is the astounding answer..... BECAUSE......... that's why, G-d chose the Jewish people simply because He wanted to. He found a faithful man in Abraham and made promises to him that you and I can benefit from. Over and over in the Bible, He says how precious His people are to Him. "If you touch ...
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In the Bible: What is a Jewish star

The Jewish star is "Magen David" in Hebrew . It is the compound of 2 triangles .It represents the 12 tribes of Israel. The first triangle represents the tribe of Judah and the second the tribe of Benjamin. The Magen David star is also on the Israeli flag . http://www.a-zara.com/

Where can i get information on the jewish laws.

For all questions on Jewish Law and practice, or the true messiah, google, or go to simpletoremember.com, aish.com, or several other fine websites. HAve fun, as this may help you to better understAnd what Jesus believed.


Thanks alot that is what happen because Mark and his sister a few years younger, both were named after relatives on the mother's side that had passed. Thanks you, Val

My 91 year old Jewish mother loves The Joys of Yiddish. What other book

If she has a good sense of humor, how about Yiddish with Dick and Jane?