what is a jejunostomy and mucous fistula?

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Answered: Producing too much mucous

I had a bad problem with phlegm in my throat every morning for approximately a year. Despite having several diagnostic tests performed at Johns Hopkins and seeing a very nice Head and Neck doctor there, no one was able to diagnosis this problem. The thing that did help me was a product called ...

Answered: Is there any natural topical treatment for anarectal fistula

It is usually treated with antibiotics, you could try using pure Manuka UMF 20+ honey to treat this as it has powerful antibacterial properties.

Answered: Second surgery for fistula in my arm!

There are details missing. Did the first operation not worked, or the Fistula is back? Mistakes are being done by doctor on an hourly basis all around the world. If the first one wasn't a success it doesn't say anything about the second. There's also a chance of 1:10 for the fistula to come back.

Answered: Coughing/Mucous Build UP

Wow, I have the exact same problem right now! I am going to see an allergist because I have been told that my cough, sneezing, annoying runny nose, etc. are all symptoms of hay fever, or severe allergies to things like mold, weather changes, dust, and other particles. I'm going to try to start ...

Answered: What makes the mucous darker when we get sick

I'll try to make it as simple as possible- They body generates more mucous as we get sick. The mucous isn't getting darker, but as you probably know it congests and larger amounts than the usual, absorbing more dirt and other foreign bodies, which makes it look darker.
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What are some causes of chronic coughs with mucous?

Add cystic fibrosis, the most common fatal genetic disease of Caucasians. A group of drugs that is noted for inducing cough is the ACE inhibitors.