what is a IM000000 files?

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Answered: How to recover files overwritten file?

You may try this data recovery. I used to use it to recover my lost data after my system re-installed. It works pretty well, you may give it a try. http://www.recoverdatamac.com/data-recovery.html Hope this help!

Answered: How to clean my aol history file?

Open AOL, at the left top - Edit - Cear Toolbar History.

Answered: I pastor a very small church and receive a small salary. What is best

Your employer is the one to send you a W2 or a 1099.

Answered: I had aol 9.O and my comp crashed and i lost all my pictures and files. I

If you had pictures and files on a disk drive that crashed, there are drive recovery services but they are not cheap. If you sent or received the pictures on AOL, and you didn't delete the mail, they might still be in your Old Mail or Sent Mail.

Answered: Where does Obama file taxes?

The New York times reported on his US and Illinois tax returns. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2013/04/13/us/politics/13obama-tax.html?ref=politics

Answered: Saved E-mail Files in Lion

Hi Rob: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Unable to launch AOL Desktop for Mac
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Can i rearrange files in my file cabinet?

I expect AOL to answer these questions, not other users!!

Transferring PFC files to new computer - error message trying to copy the

So I had the same problem and after no help from AOL I eventually figured it out. Go to your start button, click on AOL, and select AOL System Information. Click on the Utilities tab. In this window look under AOL Utilities and look for "Close All AOL Programs". Click on the "Close AOL". Close ...

Email file size

Use Swap it! Encrypt it! Lite to share unlimited files up to 25 MB in size easily and for free, or if you have to send a larger file you can use their pay per use service..it's great and comes with tons of free extras. Oh, try code: Free to send large files up to 2Gb for free. www.swapitencryptit ...