what is a i 601 waiver packet?

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Answered: Waiver querie

You need to contact the US Consular in Mumbai and ask them how long the process takes.

Answered: How long after my US student visa expires and I leave the US, can i

For answers relating to student visas go to this web page .

Answered: Free Statutory Waiver forms

Sometimes their posted somewhere on your state's website.

Answered: Can i still travel from the usa to the uk on a visa waiver if my visitor

You can try but there's a possibility they will refuse to let you enter.

Answered: I need information in detail about michael dallas waiver

hello linsm, i had a friend who was a patient under thd MD waiver. she was receiving home care services 16hrs/day from nurses and a R.N who visits to follow up. I would contact Long Term Living 1866-286-3636 if you have questions. Good Luck! M

Answered: Where is area code 601 located?

WAYYYYYYyyyyy down south. Zip code is- E I E I O.
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