what is a Hub Pilot Diameter?

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Answered: Piloting

I am thinking about training at this <a href="http://www.owensflighttraining.com/">louisiana flight school</a>. Any advice to help me make my decision?

Answered: What is the bolt pattern diameter for a porsche wheel?

5 x 130mm, where 5 bolts used. 4 x 130mm, where 4 bolts used...like on old 924 and 914

Answered: What are your experiences in getting a pilot's license?

Well, go to your local airport. They should be able to direct you to the people who give lessons. It's not easy, but it's not exceptionally hard either. Aside from the flying, there's quite a bit of book work you have to learn to do. Navigation, flight logs, filing flight plans, a bit of meteorology ...

Answered: Pilot jobs at http://www.companyairplane.com and how do I apply using

more pilot jobs at http://www.companyairplanejobs.com

Answered: Where can i find a hub cap for a 1993 buick century in sioux city iowa

<http://www.local.com/results.aspx?keyword=wrecking+yards&location=SIOUX+CITY%2c+IA&cid=203&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=pi&utm_term=wrecking+yards&qcat=203-wrecking+yards:SIOUX+CITY%2CIA:wrecking+yards> John
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