what is a hedge phrase?

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Answered: Language/meaning

I think the language is Yoruba, from Nigeria. There's a movie Omo Aiye.

Answered: Hedge Ratio

It is important to hedge your funds to minimize your loss. The hard part is figuring out what the perfect hedge is and what is the right hedge for each individual investor. I would recommend that you sit down with a reputable financial adviser and go over your portfolio with them. In this volitile ...

Answered: What is the phrase or motto something like


Answered: What does the phrase, hurts like hell mean? I am ...

"like hell" means very much. with great intensity, etc. "Hurts like hell", then, means "hurts very much".

Answered: What is the name of the hedge fund managed by carl boss

I tried a google search and came up with nothing. Sorry!
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It could have a totally different meaning if your husband's name is Louie.

Hedging in forex?how i use it.

The forex hedging can be a better part of trading plan if it is done carefully. The traders make use of forex hedging strategies in order to minimize the risk of their forex account.