what is a girth beam?

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Answered: I have 35 Jim Beam corvette decanters. Wondering worth. Each of the

My guess is that they are worth a great deal. Don't sell them until you do some real research through some dealers. (reputable of course)

Answered: Why is chalk in the box with Jim Beam?

It might be a marketing ploy.

Answered: Why wont the high beams stay on . on my 1999 toyota camary

Same thing happens to mine camry 1999 , i did replace the control level but it continue . But what it is is the hihg beam sensor , you have to replaced

Answered: Wooden beams

Yes you can. There are other ways also like put a plug of wood into the hole. MAybe drill it out with a hole cutter and then replace a wood plug the same size into it. That might be more work but if you can live with the wood filler then go with it. Put something on the bottom to keep it from ...

Answered: How can i find a beam in the ceiling

I assume one of the best ways to do it is to locate the house blue prints. If you can't find any look for hidden Joists or rafters behind the ceiling covering.

Answered: 26 foot wood beam

try a large lumber supply [Lowes Menards] in your area, ask about it at the contractor sales desk or office. they can help but the people on the floor usually wont have a clue what you are looking for. happy hunting
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Attaching beams

Ron is right, a little more information would be helpful.

Finding a ceiling beam without using blueprint

For a low tech variation of the answer above, just use a small finish nail to probe the ceiling. You should be able to get close by tapping the wall and notice where it sounds more solid.

Do you realize that if beaming were invented there ...

As to Steve's "time travel" conjecture. Note that nothing in physics prevents time travel. The problem is one of ethics. Note that atheists and leftists are the most immoral of despots and will compulsively abuse anything given them with utter disregard for the consequences or who must pay the ...