What is a geological shifter?

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Answered: Heel tow shifter

i, I don't know about any but if you don't find one I cane make one custom made. www.nojobistoosmall.com

Answered: Could I get any information about Abu Dis geology Please ?

Hi A good geological map of ABU DIS's area you will find here: http://www.geology-israel.co.il/WEB%20PAGE/JERUSALEM-SE.HTML The map is in scale of 1:50,000. Abu dis is in coor. 225/630 in the map. The legend to the formations in this map - you will find in: http://www.geology-israel.co.il/WEB ...

Answered: Mixed rare metals

You need an assay office for gold or precious metals. If it is rare earths, maybe you need X-ray spectrum analysis.

Answered: Geology

A geologist is a person who studdies all the scientific stuff in geography ect. they often study earthquakes - fault lines ect, volcanoes, tsunamis, and oceans and that sort of thing. they are more famous for studdying rocks and their formations. they work on loads of areas and it is all very ...

Answered: Geologic Outsourcing

There are many outsourcing companies located in different geographic regions around the world. Aside from the ones you mention,try the Philippines.There's this company that is know as the finest it outsourcing provider . You may visit their website so you can take a look at their services.

Answered: World

About 4.6 billion years old.
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Calische, what is it?

Caliche, maybe? Its a soil/surface deposit consisting of sand or clay impregnated with crystalline salts such as calcium carbonate, sodium nitrate and/or sodium chloride. It's mostly found in semiarid regions of the southwestern U S A. The word is derived from a Spanish root word for lime or ...

Geology help

A post orogenic basin is formed after the mountain building process. The terrain is uplifted creating a depression behind the newly formed mountain range. After words there is a time of no sediment input but as erosion on the mountains progresses these sediments are transported down and are input ...

How far is the center of the earth from the surface

we are considering radius of the earth( distance from center of the earth to surface) as 6.4 x 10*6 km (ten to the power six) assuming that earth is a perfect sphere in scientific calculations.. so it will vary little in equator and pole