what is a furnace lockout condition?

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Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.

Answered: Gas furnace that will not stop running. Thermostat set at 70 degrees and

It is possible that the thermostat has already turned off, but the blower keeps running for a few minutes until the furnace cools down and isn't giving warm air any more.

Answered: What condition could a person with high thyroid peroxidase antibodies

You obviously had a lot of blood work done, which begs the question "Why not ask your doctor?"

Answered: What part does the furnace play on forced air conditioning in home

Blower Motor and Duct System. Instead of furnace I will suggest Hydronic Home Heating Systems . No noise, No pollution and even safe to children too.
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What is a AB valve on a gas furnace?

The AB valve on your gas furnace is simple the gas valve that controls the gas flow.

Furnace trouble

Did you try disconnecting your thermostat from the wall to see if the furnace shuts down, if you do that and the furnace shuts down replace the thermostat, if it doesn't shut down you have a short between the the wires probably your red and white wire are touching some where you would have to use a ...