What is a detonator substance?

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Answered: Leland nc Why don't we have a substance abuse ...

It sound like the city had good intentions but they didn't follow through and address all the issues with the community. If you have town hall meetings you should go and voice your opinion. We must be the change we want to see.

Answered: Some catchy titles for a substance abuse workshop

Dear Peggy: HowZ about: SOAHIA.org--StungOutAndHomelessInAmerica(with my ADA Companion Animals.) POR, PrepareEverybody'sGutGoneYelling.org---P.E.G.G.Y.org Perhaps this might help. (PS: I'm ready to organize an international lottery and put up my 2003 Jaguar X-Type Coupe as the Winner's Prize ...

Answered: Finding substance abuse treatment

Check http://www.recoveryrestart.com/, I believe they can help you deal with your problem.

Answered: How to start your own substance abuse treatment facility

I think you need to find a peaceful location where patients can relax their mind while undergoing treatment programs for substance abuse. You should know how to deal with each and every patient so you could carefully evaluate them and apply the right treatment for them.

Answered: Can someone list 5-10 toxic substances (other than medicines) commonly

mothballs, copy machine toners, fax-machine ink cartridges,carbon monoxide,radon,pesticides,poisonous plants,lead coated toys,chlorine,dust from cat litter (contain crystalline silica)

Answered: Salt like substance in my basement

It sounds like you may have efflorescence, a white powdery residue formed by crystalized minerals that leached out of the masonry. This can be caused by basement leakage or dampness. Since I don't see anything in your description about water stains, I'm going to guess that condensation is forming on ...
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Narcissism, childhood development and adolescent substance abuse

Is there a relationship between significant adolescent substance abuse/dependence and an adult having a narcissistic personality disorder? I highly doubt that this would be the case. Narcissism is a completely different behavior than a recovering addict would generally apply. In fact, most addicts ...

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Oh good grief no if she were would have been seen long ago. What she is is stupid for marrying a younger man in Sin City. I suggest any woman who wants to marry her junior do it in the Midwest or Alaska where the competition keeps their clothes on. Because anywhere there is an ocean you got ...

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George W did cocaine and was an abuser of alcohol! You freakin Republicans always forget the damage you've done. Apparently elephants do forget.

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