what is a DD217N military discharge?

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Answered: My father is deceased but he was in the military. How can I get a copy of

I'm not sure exactly how to get the paperwork that you are looking for but you can go to the VA hospital that he was seen at and get information from them. All you have to is prove that you are the next of kin and they should be able to at least give you something. Good Luck!!

Answered: When I was discharged from the Air Force in 1970 ...

Hi Jerry. You might try contacting veteran services. Good luck.

Answered: N. C. State Military Retirement

It's a disgrace that the leftist Muslim Atheist poster is pretending to be a marine. People have served and died defending our country. Show some respect for those who have served and stop posting under this alias.

Answered: If you had a uncharacterized discharge because of a medical condition

i have no idea where to dispute it. but i have the same problem. i was in acar accident 2 months before my ship date to ait, and when i went in and told my sgt that i couldnt complete my training in time, she told me that she was going to give me a medical discharge and basically a general ...

Answered: I am trying to find discharge papers for my son ...

You can go to the national center in La. or you can go to the DODgenology site. They offer things like DD-214's and so on.

Answered: We can i get a copy of my n.y.s. bankrupcy discharge papers

I believe that you can get them from the court where your bankruptcy was discharged. If unsure contact the lawyer who did your bankruptcy, they may be able to help you. ( if you didn't use a lawyer, any law office that does bankruptcy might have the answer for you.) Good luck.
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The best I can do with that little information is to direct you here. http://www.archives.gov/st-louis/

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I've got a better idea. Buck it up and finish your tour with honor. Does military service get tough once in awhile? Yes. But quitting out is never the right choice. Ben Drake SSgt. USMC Disabled

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First of all, the bible doesn't say anything about serving in the military. I know it has that whole "thou shalt not kill" stuff in it, but if you end up deployed would you rather kill the enemy, or end up sent home in a body bag? Second of all, what MOS are you? If you are in any combat based MOS ...

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You might try contacting veteran services. Good luck.