what is a credit deficiency?

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Answered: 2 credits shy of graduating high school in 1987 in Enid, Oklahoma what

You can complete a "GED" program to make the needed credits and get a H.S. diploma. But be sure to take an accredited and real GED program; there are a lot of scammers trying to sell ON LINE complete your degree programs and most, if not all those, are fake … they are SCAMS. Go read this ...

Answered: Credit Card Suggestions

There are many banks which offer a credit card in Singapore . It depends on what requirements you have. Since I have an account with Maybank I use their Maybank Family & Friends credit card which offers 5% cash rebates at NTUC, Toy "R" Us, Popular etc. They have a wide range of card options to ...

Answered: Bad Credit Score

Having bad credit is one of the main problem for getting loan. If you facing financial problem and searching for best loan program that provides you money with bad credit. Then, you are on the right track apply for bad credit signature loan . It is an easy loan program that provides you quick money ...

Answered: Good Credit Score Range?

The excellent credit score range is from 700 and above. The good credit score range is from 680 to 699 while the average credit score range is from 620 to 679. Scores falling under these three categories are the ones which have high chances of being approved of loans and new credit.

Answered: How do yo remove creditors from your credit report if you change or

How do I cancel consumer reports subscription before getting it, when I have recieved the magazine and Im not happy with it?

Answered: Credit rating after non-payment of mortgage on second home

Chances are it will not be good. Your credit score is largely determined by your debt and payment history. If you have defaulted on payments, especially big ones like a mortgage, your score will suffer greatly. This link http://www.dailycreditmonitoring.com/how-can-i-check-my-credit-score/ might be ...
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Prepaid Credit Cards

I really do not have any idea about the credit cards in Singapore but here i would like to suggest you one site where you can get all the detailed information about credit card.have a look http://www.axisbank.com/personal/cards/credit-cards/credit-cards.aspx

My credit score has dropped 30 points due to 2 ...

They don't care what the reason do they.

Is there an energy tax credit for 2012

For solar or wind. The credit for energy improvements to your home (windows, doors, etc.) has expired.

How long does it take to raise a credit score 100 points (on average)?

Unfortunately there is no simple answer to this. Raising credit scores is not an exact science. When you check credit scores, you can see they can go up and down depending on how your payments have been, what debt you have, and if you are on time with all of your debt payments. http://www ...