what is a crate digger?

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Answered: I can imagine that a wire crate in the room would ...

You are partly correct in thinking crates were only for traveling. However, Many dog trainers recommend using a crate to train your puppy to stay put during the night or when you are going to be away from the home, if he/she is not housebroken. I, personally, hate leaving my dogs in a crate, at ...

Answered: Earthquake post hole digger wont start. New gas,new plug,getting spark

Remove the spark plug and spray some starter fluid/carb cleaner into the chamber. It is fires, then there is an obstruction to gas flow, most like in to carburetor. The gas filter could be clogged.

Answered: What are the advantages and disadvantages of crate training a dog?

I think crate training your dog has more advantages than disadvantages, if done correctly. A crate is a good place to teach appropriate behavior. If your dog tends to become anxious whenever you go out, his crate will offer a safe place where he'll feel less stressful.

Answered: How can I successfully crate train my dog?

Crate training should be done during the puppy days of a dog. It must be done consistently. You can teach your puppy, by using a schedule of consistent feeding and elimination times. That way, you'll reinforce his housetraining habits.

Answered: How to Crate Train you Dog?

check this blog, it has complete guide to potty training puppies http://puppypottytrainingguide.wordpress.com/

Answered: I have had my puppy sleep in a crate since we ...

Dogs/canines are den animals... I have bred for years, travel across the country to dog trials.. they LOVE there kennels/crates... it's there home and escape... mine relate getting into the crate as a reward, not a punishment... as long as good things hasppen there and they have time to be with you ...
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How does dog escape its crate which was still latched shut

It would be great if it was a simple as a defect in the crate or it not being closed correctly, but if your dog escaped from a wire crate, he may have jarred the corners of the crate enough that they unhinged. That's what my dog did, leaving a little of his fur behind. The "Gorilla Tough" metal ...

How can you keep a dog from flipping it's food ...

Get a Snap'y Stainless Steel Bowl. It can hold the bowl firmly in place and yet, allows easy removal. You can buy one here: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspx?maincatid=65&subcat=12&submenu=0&catid=64

What type of crate is best for a medium sized dog ...

I prefer wire crates as they allow lots of sunlight in and also allow your dog to see outside the crate.

What is the best dog crate replacement tray

Here are so many brand crates you can see savic,imac etc...For more visit:-http://www.moooou.com/shop-by-dog-category/dog-crate-and-cages/dog-crates.html