What is a corroded glands in neck?

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Answered: Did Payton Manning mini sezures come from a buldged disc in his neck

no. Seizures stem from abnormal cortical electrical discharges.

Answered: Corrosion of aluminium

The most common types of corrosion are: · galvanic corrosion · pitting · crevice corrosion Stress corrosion, which leads to crack formation, is a more special type of corrosion. It occurs primarily in high-strength alloys (e.g. AlZnMg alloys) where these are subjected ...

Answered: Qualified neck surgeon to treat a deep lobe tumor of the left parotid

The dr.S name is suresh raja.. 561-793-3363.. He has his medical liscense from n.J... By the way i am from n .Y. Too. Good luck

Answered: What would make back of head and neck hurt

The most common cause these days is bending over the computer too long.

Answered: How do i choose the best neck wrinkle treatment?

Olive oil is the best natural cure and can serve as the primary ingredient of wrinkle treatment. Apply and massage the oil on your skin in a direction opposite to that of the wrinkles. http://www.kollagenintensivreviews.com/

Answered: Why do i need to use a neck cream?

To avoid it being to loose..
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Why did FIFA ban neck warmers?

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Can a chipped bone in your neck cause problems in your arm?

It could if for example the bone was pressing on a nerve that runs into the arm.

I have painful neck glands with no swelling and side of head pain, near

About 100 different things from an abcessed tooth to an ear infection to Lymphoma. GO TO A DOCTOR.

Hair bumps on the back of the neck

The most effective cure for razor bumps is to change the way you shave so you can avoid them. One option is to use an electric razor, which doesn't crop the hair as closely as a conventional shaving tool.