What is a contemporary relationship?

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Answered: What does a relationship mean to you?

Hai, It means faithful and understanding.

Answered: The clean lines of contemporary furniture impress ...

I agree that high end furnishings are desirable but many people are budget conscious these days. At home I have mostly contemporary furniture. However, I like the look of traditional lighting fixtures. I found a compromise. It's call transitional lighting. Transitional lighting fixtures work well in ...

Answered: Love and relationship

You are asking something that is difficult to answer with so little information. How old are the two of you. How long were you together. Why did you separate. Impertinent to the answer. Therefore I must say to you, answer these questions, look at what you had or did not have and you will get ...

Answered: Relationship advice

It's too easy to assume shes 'cheating' or some crap as opposed to any various weird reason she could have. She is Human after all. As for her being tired and moody, well that probably affects her attitude toward everything as well. Relationships/attraction = added stress, too much thinking, etc ...
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For me, friendship is second only to love, and is a form of love. Love is the meaning and purpose of life. And I am truly blessed to have many friends. Don't know what I'd do without them.

Bisexuality and Relationships

You truly need guidance from Reverend Cooper. You are living a Satanic lifestyle.

3. How can we “trust our instincts” in relationships if we are “blinded

4. How can we answer questions when they are stupid and idiotic?


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