what is a compressed fecal sac in a human?

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Answered: Compression Check

Not red, read.

Answered: What is an sac in a high school?

Do you mean the SAT? That is a test used for college admission.

Answered: Should you go to higher stocking compression when the limb starts

Kimberly, you must have some type of varicose problems in your legs to need this type of stocking. You might want to speak to a medical professional because if its reducing in size, they might want to see the medical improvement. Or you might talk to a Medical Supply house that sells this type of ...

Answered: How do I compress a avi movie file to burn on a dvd?

I use Aimersoft DVD Creator to burn avi to dvd , it works well, and easy to use, high quality, fast conversion. DVD Creator supports D9 to D5 compress

Answered: Clearing Up The Debt In One Year

Thx for posting puppet boy. You can't control your posting just like you can't control shitting in your pants. Hahahahahahaahahahahahah. How's it feel to have someone that you say has a low IQ own you. I have more money in 3 muscle cars in my garage than you have in all your worth including your ...

Answered: Can one encrypt a compress file and compress an ...

no its not easy to compress a encrypt file but one can compress an encrypted file For More Information http://windows7.iyogi.net/
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Where can I purchase compression stockings for obese people?

any medical equipment or dme/hme dealer.

Can we Encrypt and than compress file and folder or vise versa,If no can

You can not compress the encrypted file. For more information please go through this microsoft knowledge based article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/223093

When to stop wearing compression garment after liposuction

1 The typical recovery time form liposuction is 4-8 weeks. Each person is different. Recovery time also depends on how much surgery was done. Step 2 Apply ice to the affected areas. Ice not only reduces swelling, but it promotes the body's production of cortisone which helps speed healing ...