What is a COGNITIVE clause in RE contract?

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Answered: Cognitive recognition

Cognitive Enhancement

Answered: I can't abide Santa Claus!

Why does Tadpole think that showing concern is sick and depraved? Is that because ALL Muslim suicide bombers are that corrupt and evil? Or is it just the pederast false prophet that died of venereal disease? That is why Muslims oppose Christmas, because Christmas is the time of year when we prove ...

Answered: Poncho Clause

Pancho Navidad or Pancho Claus is the Latin American Santa. There is a book that takes the story of "The Night Before Christmas" and tweaks it to teach children some Spanish. Go to this link here and be sure you view the entire page. I think the book is available at Amazon: http://www.squidoo.com ...

Answered: Contract Law

You have not mentioned if you signed the contract. The balloon payment was in the contract and you did sign the contract? Is this correct?

Answered: My employees are always on the internet can i add to their employment

Absolutely you can change the policy. Have it changed, print it out and have each employee sign a copy, have a meeting let your employees know that this is unacceptable and that this new policy is effective immediately!
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It really depend on what the contract say - you need to read it and see if there are any option for you to cancel the service. Most contract would have some sort of exit option but usually you'll have to pay a certain amount if you already signed and decided you don't want the service. If the ...

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When a person is under the influence of alcohol, the inability to stay on task for long periods of time, to ignore distractions, or to multi-task will limit the person's other cognitive skills. To better help this person, a rehabilitation's comprehensive intervention services would be a perfect ...

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Some recent theories in cognitive psychology are discussed in essays like The role of conceptual metaphors , Semantic priming effects in visual word recognition and Multi-Store versus dynamic models of temporary storage in memory .