what is a code 63 in a thermo king unit what does that mean when it shuts down and gives a 63 code?

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Answered: Thermo king sb400 run relay on reefer unit

The relay is on the relay board. Located in the control panel box behind the road side lower door.

Answered: Thermo king sb iii max troubleshooting guide

This is a Question how to clear code 50 & how to adjust & decrease cool & heat temperature Gap from micro controller switches

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a new design idea for penises (UNIT)?

Answered: Thermo King SB III 30 max

Hello sir;; im lee ,from naples fl.How are you.....We see look from [thermo king sb 3 +] but we thing ,89..And 99 sale how much,tell me know///// call me 239-417-8991.Thank you...E mail [haile7979@yahoo.Com]

Answered: I've '96 tk sbIIIsr+,I've changed alternator twice ...

maybe transmission, tires, wheels, brakes?
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