what is a chosen soul?

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Answered: Some people believe that plants have souls - Why do they think so?

oh! it is very interesting question. i read all answer in this webside,and i see that almost peple belive that the tree have soul.before u read my answer,please read my answer from question''can u please know about soul and all(by Vimean).u will see that the soul is not all alone,it base on or ...

Answered: Is partial soul sale considered impossible? If so why?

This is eligible for a whole sole sale. After being filleted, it can participate in a partial sole sale. Pardon my curiosity, but I heard that your mama was partially pregnant. Is the true?

Answered: I've heard that the soul weights eight ounces. Anyone else ever heard

Hi, The soul is a golden light being. Although it is unseen to most people, some people with an open 3rd eye are able to see it. This means that although it is subtle it still has form- it is made of tiny matter. I think that the attempt to measure a weight of a soul would be quite difficult. I also ...

Answered: In the Bible, Book of Acts, what were the jobs of the chosen seven?

In the biblical book of Acts. chapter 6 vers. 1-4, we read: "Now in these days. when the disciples were increasing, a murmuring arose on the part of the Greek-speaking Jews against the Hebrew-speaking Jews, beacause their widows were being overlooked in the daily distribution. So the twelve called ...

Answered: If everybody has a soul, then with the population ...

Leftist oppressors have always been simpleminded, stupid, and bitter. That's why they all scream that you must all kowtow to their atheist cult and scream adoration to Hitler, Stalin, Obama, and Satan. Typical, typical, typical. Well, leftists are all so simpleminded that they want to be hated ...

Answered: Twin Souls

ask do not play games then give breathing room
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Where is our soul

where is our soul? before i answer,i suggest u to read answers from question''who please know the soul and all'' and ''i heard that the soul weight ...ounchs'' and ''are there soul in plant''. but in Buddhism say that the soul stay in the center of the heart.u see when someone love other,they ...

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