what is a cash deposit application?

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Answered: Depositing Large Sums of Money

Sure you can deposit it before or after you get taxed. Yes you will have to report this inheritance for tax purposes, and should consult an estate lawyer and a CA on how to mitigate any taxes. The reason for the lawyer is that CAs are at times obligated to report matters that they have discussed ...

Answered: How can I use the cash deposit features at ATMs?

Some ATMs require envelope deposits for cash, so you don't get credited right away for your deposit. Others have a cash counter, where you put the bills in a bin (make sure they're face up and all facing the same way), it closes and then verifies the bills. The screen will show the amount, and if ...

Answered: Help with Alimony/child support check

I would continue my seach for the right attorney. He can not do that it is ELLIGAL !! Also if he owes you child support and it does not go through the proprer procedures it will not get deducted form his total owed to you. Just continue your search for an attorney in Chicago there has to be a ...

Answered: Application

if you are looking for some samples of Application Letters you can just simply click the highlighted text on this comment and you will be redirected automatically on the page where there are lots of sample letters. or here is one of the sample I found there. Herewith, I am submitting my ...

Answered: Need to know more about application to learn Spanish in an IPAD.

Ipad is such a great devices I am also using this, recently I am also install some application which is based of Spanish language and I am confused about this that how I can change the language of that application then I contact with the team of professional iPad app developers here: http ...

Answered: Where is my direct deposit?

Contact your state attorney general and file a complaint and the transfer will be found right away.
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Is cash deposit the same as cash transactions?

Cash deposit is putting money into your account and that is considered as a cash transaction. For instance if i place $500 into my deposit account..it would show up in my statements as a cash transaction.