what is a capias/FTA in Virginia?

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Answered: Fta info

what is the new What is the new 2009 changes on the ADA made by the Federal Tranaportation Administration involving Public Transit and Paratransit?

Answered: Seriously thinking about vacationing in Virginia ...

I suggest to take a hotel room in Virginia than to rent a cottage.

Answered: Virginia unemployment

SC Unemployment News Release July 18, 2010 · Leave a Comment The agency is working to have checks available for most eligible claimants in the next normal weekly cycle. Although there is no definite word yet from Washington, various news reports indicate that the unemployment bill — which has ...

Answered: Virginia unemployment notice of benefit year ...

My state we had to refile after each tier. So file for it now it takes time to get them to send you a check. Believe me it takes about two weeks on an extension. Also check on line and do a "Claim Inquiry" Do you file on line???

Answered: What exactly is DUID mean in Virginia

What is Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID)? Driving Under the Influence of Drugs (DUID) is a relatively new crime that was created to make drug-induced driving a separate and a more specific crime then the general "driving while intoxicated " laws. Every state now has some form of DUID ...
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TrueIowan married his sister in West Virginia. The banjos at the reception were marvelous.

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One year old post .. unanswered ... and yedda sent to me to reply: ================================= MOST STATES have adopted modern "NO-FAULT DIVORCE LAWS". Under No-Fault Divorce laws, the fact of an adultery is IRRELEVANT to a spit of assets. This modern divorce law replaced the old laws ...