what is a banshee rooster?

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Answered: Would like to buy a real Rooster

I have a rooster myself, and they should have many things. Housing is neccessary. Chickens can get cold in extreme weather, but getting wet is when they get sick. They also dread water. They do eat many bugs, but you still should feed them a balanced diet. Just having scratch doesn't provide then ...

Answered: My rooster is not eating, he's disoriented,

You should ask your vet. It may be something he ate. Or he may be ill with something. But only a vet would know. I know it's an expense, but you NEED to know the cause in case it's something that can spread to the other chickens.

Answered: Where can i buy a real rooster in port auther texas

Damn near anywhere they sell chickens and livestock I would expect.

Answered: Fighting rooster gold stockman knives with mermaid, peacock,fighting

since i posted several days ago i have found 2 sets of the three needed. now i have the blue & black peacock,blue & black mermaid,blue & red rose. need the last 3 colors to complete set

Answered: Health question for bantam rooster

My guess is perhaps some kind of a mild infection. If Jake and his wattle are not showing any other sign or symptom of illness or distress, then I'd just call your vet in the morning and touch base to see if you need to bring Jake in for a look-see.

Answered: Why do the french like roosters

It's pretty simple. They say birds of a feather flock together. If you have ever met a french person you know they act like cocks. Another name for cock is rooster.
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My rooster is loosing his tail feathers,why?

It is called molting. Happens in the Fall. Chickens,birds, insects, reptiles, etc. , cast or shed the feathers, skin, or the like, that is replaced by a new growth.

Where to buy cock's cone or rooster crowns

Disregard those answers from idiotic imbeciles! Try a Chinese Grocery store. That's where my grandfather used to purchase rooster combs & feet to make fantastic soup. Happy hunting!

Why will a rooster attack you?

Because where ever you are walking and he attacks you, he considers "His territory" so he attacks you for rolling up on his turf