what is a army f4 discharge?

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Answered: What does it mean when your in the army and you are discharged from the

4-F: classification given to those deemed unfit for military service.

Answered: What does undesirable discharge from the army mean

Basically, there are three levels of discharge for military service: 1) Honorable, 2) Undesirable, and 3) Dishonorable. Most military personnel get an "Honorable" discharge. One would have to do something quite horrendous to get a "Dishonorable" discharge. Such a discharge makes gaining future ...

Answered: Army

I'm not sure what the GCSES is so I'm not sure. Sorry!

Answered: Discharge Paper for New Zealand Army.

You might try contacting veteran services. Good luck.

Answered: Can u be on probation still if u were discharged off parole??

What kind of probation order extends FOR LIFE? What States?
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