what is a sparger agitator?

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Answered: As always expected, leftists never have a clue.

The leftist muslim atheist poster started posting before 1 pm est and is still posting under his alias philo m. At 4 am est. He is also posting his childish cartoons that aol keeps deleting and he keeps re-posting. Just as he did with his poop pictures. Could anyone have a sadder life then this ...

Answered: How to remove the agitator in 2002 model GE WWSE6260?

What I would do is remove the old agitator and put the new one in its place unless it is a racial agitator. I then would call local enforcement.

Answered: Ritalin & caffeine , are they safe together ?

caffeine causes tension whereas ritalin is actually a relaxant, the problem is, many different foods (depending on how much you eat or how often you eat them) can cause a synergy with methylphenidate, and in turn make you tense, agitated, anxious ect.(sodium, foods with high acid, sugar crashes ...

Answered: Are community agitators obama, sharpton, jackson ...

Attacking other persons because of their race is the final extreme in stupidity. Rational persons evaluate others by their actions. In these cases, their actions are decidedly questionable. Obama is without any doubt the least competent president we have endured since Clinton. Clinton was ...

Answered: The washer tries to agitate but the motor humms ...

Sounds like it could be the brushes on the motor.

Answered: How to replace agitator on washer?

On most washers there is a cap on top of the agitator, covering the nut that holds it on . Unscrew this nut and prise the agitator off.
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I have a little (or big depending on how you look ...

Sounds like a you are a target for spam messages, like the most of us. Do yourself a favor and mark those messages as spam.

Whirlpool wtw5100vq agitator not working?

I had the same problem twice, over filling the wash.

How to remove agitator from model lte6234dq2 washer?

Remove cap on top of agitator then undo nut you find,

How do you remove the agitator from a clothes washer?

On the top end of the agitator is a cover, it most likely will unscrew counter clockwise.. unscrew the cover and the agitator should come right up (you may have to jiggle it a bit).