what is a 50 dollar savings bond series EE worth that was purchased in 2001?

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Answered: How much are 1864 500 dollar confederate war bonds worth?

The Confederate States of America is never going to pay those bonds. They are only valued as curiosities. Maybe they are worth a penny on the dollar for show. But if you want to buy one, scripophily.com are asking hundreds of dollars.

Answered: I have a $100,000 irex savings bond. I've been trying to find out more

Hi, Irex Saving Bond. Go to Google and do your own researh instead of asking a stranger???

Answered: Any idea where I can open a savings account in UAE?

You can open a savings account in UAE by opting for a reliable bank like Emirates NBD. They offer you really good interest rates. Check out their website for more information. http://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/personal-banking/accounts/savings-account/

Answered: Which saving bond should I buy for my grandson's first birthday?

You might consider buying an inflation adjusted bond.

Answered: What is a 1963 Compton Encyclopedia set worth today

A 1963 encyclopedia is not worth much for reference, because it is out of date. It could be used to look up the periodic table of the elements, but it would only go up to element 102 or 103. You could look up the Korean War but not the Vietnam War. The last 9 presidents would be missing. Many ...
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How much is a 50 dollar savings bond worth after 15 years?

Unfortunately, $50.00 When you buy a savings bond, you pay less than face value (between $32.50 $35.00) after approx. ten years it matures (becomes $50.00) it's at this time that you cash it in then reacquire another at less than face value.. the cash you have left over is your profit (that you ...

How to save 2015 dollars in 2015?

If you divide $2015 by 365 (days in a yr), you get $5.52 which you save per day for a whole yr. Now if you multiply $5.52 by 365, you get $2014.80. But if you multiply $5.53 by 365, you get $2018.45. Hope this makes sense. Great idea and way to save money.

Did you ever invest in a savings plan?

Hey, I have done multiple investments and one of the them was in a Zurich Vista products savings plan . To get more information about that investment, recommend you to check this link: http://www.boal.co.uk/articles/VISTA-IA-Apr07.asp

Forms for ee savings bonds

Your local bank should have what you need.