what is a 2 path junction in smurfs village?

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Answered: When is 'The Smurfs' movie coming out? and is it going to be an

I haven't heard anything about a smurf movie. Where did you hear this?

Answered: What Village has a large gay and lesbian populatiuon?

What area are you in?Obviously it would be a nice, well-manicured village. There was an episode on "Will &Grace" that depicted just a place; however, they were in the wrong village and the hetro's tried keeping them there so their property values would increase.

Answered: Smurf Figurine in Porcelain

I think anything smurf is a treasure. Whether it's worth money, that would be a great question for an antique dealer. Good luck!

Answered: How to use hefty smurf in the smurf village?

Have you found a solution? I have the same question... Thanks
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