What is a 2.92 GPA?

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Answered: GPA #.##

This GPA #.## might indicate in a spreadsheet that you have calculated using an invalid reference.

Answered: Good GRE score but low GPA?

It will definitely help that you have a good score, but your GPA isn't quite helpful. If you still have few more semesters at school, definitely try hard to bring it above 3.0 Also don't forget to write a personal statement or a college application essay . For more writing resources or writing ...

Answered: Low GPA but very competitive MCAT score

I recently took the LSAT. My under graduate GPA is about where your is; but my graduate GPA is 3.48. I am a little concerned about my under graduate because I believe the school will focus on it, rather than my graduate. Take time and improve your GPA.

Answered: How do I calculate the gpa for my last 90 credits

This weighted Grade point average should be designed a weighted average in order to be calculated. The quantity of credits an individual have acquired for every class really need to be multiplied with the grade point equivalent. As an example, you probably have received an A (we have previously ...

Answered: Importance of High School GPA

GPA is really important dude, you can't go to college if you don't have high grades. Also, the GPA can be used by potential employers or further post-secondary. So heads up, there's nothing you can do for now. That's life, good luck in your high school .

Answered: How is the GPA from a master's degree weighed in ...

A Master's degree is harder to earn as the classes are tougher and more in-depth than the corresponding undergraduate classes.
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What's the ideal GPA for medicine ?

An ideal GPA for going into medicine is 4.0 or higher.

What hopes does an individual with a combined GRE ...

None at all. The validity of the research is questionable, especially considering that the word research is misspelled. The graduate school application process is like the college application process, except more competitive. You wouldn't be accepted to an undergraduate institution with a combined ...

Can I get into big four if I have very low gpa?(I passed 2 CPA exam

I am going through the same hurdle, 2.9 GPA, the best thing to do is to probably work towards your masters, and focus on your GPA...

How to raise my GPA so that I can play Sports?

To raise your GPA (grade point average) you need to get A's and B's. That means you will have to do your homework, and study for tests. You may have to stop watching TV to have enough time.