what is a 1960 bottle of canadian club whiskey worth?

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Answered: Jason book club forum, is it called anything else

I am also looking for jasonbookclub.com. Paid my dues and now Jason is nowhere to be found. Is there anyone out there who knows how to contact him?

Answered: Has corby's canadian whiskey gone out of business ...

Have you tried contacting them using this web site? http://www.cspirits.com/corbycanadian.html

Answered: Is bottled water worth the money?

Bottled water is not always what it seems. Many studies have shown that some bottled water is simply unfiltered tap water, some is distilled, some has had reverse osmosis (RO), some claims to be spring water. The problem is that the FDA does not regulate bottled water. In addition, some harmful ...

Answered: Cobalt Blue Bottle (Mifflene)

thank ya much Balrog. It's in pretty good shape to.
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I have a bottle of1968 canadian club,blended ...

A 1968 bottle of Canadian Club is not significantly different than a 2011 bottle. Whiskey does not "mature" once it is bottled. The company recently issued a CC 30 Year Old product and was selling it for $200 a bottle, but that whiskey had been barrel-aged for 30 years and got special anniversary ...