what is a 1937 chevy coupe look like??

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Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate my description?

On a scale of 1-10, you sound like a 15! You are beautiful, don't ever let anyone ever tell you different. I also might add that its better to have a few friends that you can trust, then a huge group of friends who're all out to get you. (I only have 2 friends, js.) Nothing wrong with being a ...

Answered: I'm looking for a man name Murphy Dial from Anderson CA she 42

I found 13 people in Anderson CA with the last name Murphy.

Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate me by my description?

No picture here kid. Your a child, your growing, your not fully developed yet. Give it time. All the beauties and good-looking guys get worse as years go by and those who were just so so turn out great. Just be the best you can be, accept yourself and others will accept you.

Answered: 1937 olds with bad motor

A 1937 Oldsmobile with a bad engine would be for a professional mechanic to handle, not someone on AOL Answers. There WERE a few who could have done you credit, but our token leftist has chased them away with defecation pornography, demands to join child molesting cults like radical Islam, and to ...
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According to my specs. the #4 is set to TDC, and timing marks should be Crank at 12 oclock, and cam at 6 oclock. or #1 at TDC with crank at 12 oclock and cam at 12 oclock.

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Try this manual: http://chevy.tocmp.com/chevyowner/53omindex.htm

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