what is 70cm x 90 cm in inches?

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Answered: What is one half of 19.25 inches

Look at the question again OronD. 19.25 not 9.25

Answered: What is the mesament of 368cm x 254cm (WxH) in inches?

368 [c"m] = 148.88" 254 [c"m] = 100" (actually it is 99.998") This site: http://www.unitconversion.org/unit_converter/length.html will do the work for you.

Answered: Mass in the transverse colon and splenic flexure at 70cm. how serius is

Damn, Brenda- I guess I should have been in the OR with your doc instead of trying to land a few bass for supper. Not having seen it, and not having the biopsy report in my hands makes it real hard for me to give you a good answer. The older the patient and the bigger than mass, the higher than ...

Answered: How can I replace aol 9.7 with aol 9.0 optomized? Thanks

Hi Chuck: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. How do I go back to the previous version of the AOL Desktop Software?

Answered: What is the area of a rectangle whose perimeter is 70 cm.?

It appears to be 300 (square)centimeters- being 15cm (base&top) and 20cm (lenght)

Answered: How many inches is 15-25 cm?

15 - 25 [c"m] = 5.9055 - 9.8425 [in]
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4.325 feet= inches

4.325 times 12 inches to a foot equals 51.9 on my calculator.

How many inches is 788 varas?

788 vara [California] = 26 004.052 12 inch 788 vara [Mexico] = 25 998.415 748 inch 788 vara [Portuguese] = 34 125.984 252 inch 788 vara [South America] = 26 804.409 449 inch 788 vara [Spanish] = 25 931.714 961 inch 788 vara [Texas] = 26 266.719 2 inch

How do you convert cc and mm into inches

Hi Elizabeth, I hope you made a mistake and you typed cc (instead of c"m)..... cause c"c is cucic centimeter and it's a measure of volume.... and you can convert volume to volume (and not to something that is a measure of length). 25.4 m"m or 2.54 c"m = 1 inch. 0.3937 inch = 1 c"m = 10 m"m ...