what is 5% of $75?

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Answered: 'what is 6.75% of $145.00'?

$145.00 * 6.75/100 = $ 9.79 (rounded from 9.7875)

Answered: What is 20% of 2661.75

2,661.75*20/100 = 532.35 or (as 20% = 0.2): 2,661.75 * 0.2 = 532.35 or (as 20% = 1/5): 2,661.75 / 5 = 532.35

Answered: 75th Birthday

no significance. Why would it?

Answered: My question is about AVG Antivirus 7.5 FREE I ...

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Answered: Scoring 75 in the nclex rn

Hi. I do not know anyone personally but I have heard it does happen, but don't worry yourself too much. You should try to get in touch with other students from your nursing class to see how they have been doing.
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Cherrywood desk $75.00

Try posting it for sale on www.craigslist.org.

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