what is .47 mbps in kbps?

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Answered: What is 3/5th of 47,000'

47,000 * 3/5 = 28,200 or: 3/5 = 0.6 47,000 * 0.6 = 28,000

Answered: What is4/7 divide by -11/3

And he scores!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answered: Why does my DSL Ultrafast 1.6 mbps only download at 146 kbps

Are you comparing bits to bytes? "Up to" 1.6 Mbps is megabits, which translates to 200 kbytes/sec. So if you get 146 kbytes/sec, that's allowable. If you are really getting 146 k bits per second, then you probably have a noisy line. That will reduce your speed. It will also give you hissing or ...

Answered: What is e1

ei is probaly a math fraction

Answered: P-47

I am not sure what is a cheap price for you : http://www.diecastairplane.com/store/Search.aspx?searchTerms=%20P-47&submit=true

Answered: My question is about eMule 0.47 Some times i try ...

That's because this option is meant for transferring a file part to another machine to keep downloading, and not for attaching 2 parts. The idea you mentioned sounds interesting. You may have to ask the Emule team.
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How do I set sound to 192 on computer from 32 kbps

Depends on your operating system and what 3rd party audio software you have. For example, if you have Windows Vista Ultimate, an easy way is: -Right click the speaker in your task bar (lower right) and click on "Playback Devices" -Highlight your speakers and click "Properties" -Click the tab ...

What exactly is SAP 4.7 besides being a program?

Go to www.ask.com and type in "SAP 4.7" (with the quotes) and it will give you tons of information that might, hopefully, answer your question.

Does eMule 0.47 check for updates automatically?

Yes. In "Options" - "General" tab, under "Startup", check "Check for new version". Simple as this.

How many kbps makes 10 gb?

800 kbps is kilobits per second, so it's 100 k bytes. At that rate it would take 100,000 seconds to transfer 10 GB.