what is 4000 and 5000 in roman numerals?

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Answered: What two letter roman numeral follows MCMXCIX?

MM (2000) is the answer. M is 1000, CM is 900, XC is 90, IX is 9 = 1999.

Answered: What will the Roman Numeral of the next Pope be?

Anonymous is right. It depends on what name he chooses. The number that follows the name depends on how many popes have used that name before him. Paul, or John Paul seem the most popular. I think Simon would be cool. I don't think we've had a Pope Simon.

Answered: September 30, 2011 in roman numerals

It's written as 30 sept 2011::XXX / IX / MMXI

Answered: Do bamboo Roman shades blend with drapes and ...

Why not put roman shades in both places for a complete look? They work quite well with a curtain surround.

Answered: What year is roman numeral IVXIXC?

It's actually not a valid roman numeral, although I know of someone who has it tattooed on their chest. The sequence has dots separating each pair of digits (IV*XI*XC) with the intent of making it a date in the American format of month*day*year, in which case it means: 4-11-90. I believe it is the ...

Answered: Where does the number "666" originate? Unless I'm ...

The book of revelations was originally written in Greek, and in the ancient Greek language there were no numbers (just like in ancient Hebrew, and other languages). The letters of the alphabet were used as numbers, where alpha=1 beta=2 etc. So the number 666 was probably represented by a string of ...
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How do you figure roman numeral analysis - chords?

If you find a major triad like CEG then the first one (C) is I and the third note (G) is V. But the notes can be swapped around, so CFA is the F major chord FAC, F gets I and C gets V. It gets tricky with minor chords and seventh chords and ninth chords. For example EGB is a minor chord, GBDF is ...

Picture of a Roman Bath House

I found these on Google Images. http://www.crystalinks.com/romanbath105.jpg http://tribalwinds3d.com/aquataur/bath1.jpg