what is 2% of 1000?

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Answered: How to open HP printer 1000 J11Oa - paper jam

first open the door of the paper, if you can pull it out slowly do so. it not, open the backdoor of the printer then pull out slowly the paper, be careful not to rip the paper canon ink cartridges

Answered: If you say on my bill the price has not risen, why is it up 10.00 from

This is not the billing department. Please direct your question to the billing department.

Answered: 1000 parts

Start with the bottom left corner.

Answered: What is 0.7% of $1000.00

1,000.00 * 0.7/100 = 7.00 $ or: 1,000.00 * 0.007 = 7.00 $ or: 1,000.00 * 7/1,000 = 7.00 $
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